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  • Baby Next


    A genetic test screening babies for a number of serious inherited genetic disorders that can appear after birth or later in childhood.

    Buccal cheek swab

    15 working days

  • Onconext – Liquid Scan


    A genetic test for oncological use on individuals with a high risk of developing a tumour. Various tests available ranging from 15 to 50 genes screened.

    Blood sample

    15 working days

  • Onconext – Risk


    A multiple genetic analysis for detection of predisposition to hereditary tumours. Available for targeted areas; Breast, Ovarian/Uterine, Colon, Gastric, Pancreas, Melanoma, Prostate and more.

    Variable sample

    15 working days

  • Onconext – Liquid Monitor


    Designed to provide an oncologist with useful information, monitor and recommend therapy to create a personalised treatment plan for individuals already diagnosed with a tumour.

    Blood sample

    15 working days

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