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Looking for answers? You’ve come to the right place.

Here we answer some of the more general questions about us, our service and our general policies. If you’re looking for more information related to one of our products, we recommend you read through the information provided within the product’s description. Alternatively you can get in touch by filling out our online form via our contact page or call the number you see above.

All of the tests we offer online will require either a blood sample or buccal cheek swab to process your test.

If you’re unsure what sample is required in order for us to perform your test, then please refer to the information provided within your postal test kit or the full product description that’s featured online when placing your order for one of our tests.

Please note that where a blood sample is involved, a sample should be taken by no one other than a medically trained professional, such as a Practice Nurse at your local GP Surgery or a Phlebotomist at a Private Hospital – most GP Surgeries and all Private Phlebotomist’s charge a fee for this service.

If you haven’t received your postal test kit within the delivery times stated at checkout or your order confirmation (accounting for working days and the time and date that you placed your order), then please get in touch using our contact us page or call us on the number provided towards the top of the site.

As each test has their own unique properties and the sample required in order to perform the test can differ, please refer to the expiry date on the collection vessel within your postal test kit.

Once the sample has been collected it needs to be shipped within 24 – 48 hours – the streck tubes contain anti coagulation liquid contained within which helps to preserve the sample on its journey to the lab.

All samples are shipped via DHL who do not work over the weekends – for that reason we recommend that samples are not collected and shipped on a Friday as this increases the risk of a redraw being required.

We’ve partnered with some of the best and most prestigious laboratories in the world, accredited to ISO standards – with the most advanced and proven technology available in the market. So much so, that our partners are also trusted to carry out testing on behalf of the NHS.

Please refer to individual tests for accuracy rates.

Should you have any questions regarding any of the tests we feature on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If your question requires a bespoke answer, we are more than happy to forward any queries on to the test provider.


Don’t panic! Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we will happily replace them for you.

Yes, you need to live in the UK to order and have delivered to you one of our postal test kits.

However, if you do live outside of the UK and are looking for advanced testing that may not be available to you within your country, please refer to our bespoke test enquiry page to get in touch.

Other than confirming that you’re older than 18+ years old, then no. There are no limits or restrictions to ordering our tests online.

No. By using our service you are self electing to find out more about your health and wellbeing dependant on the test you choose to explore and purchase.

Our tests are intended to provide you with the knowledge you require to discuss with a qualified medical professional regarding a hereditary, underlying or already diagnosed/on-going medical condition.

We always encourage our customers to discuss their postal test kits results with a qualified professional, being a GP or Doctor.

As the majority of our test range comprises of the most popular tests across the marketplace, there may be times where we simply don’t list a certain type of test, but we can perform it.

We’ve partnered with some of the best and most prestigious laboratories in the world, accredited to ISO standards – with the most advanced and proven technology available in the market – so if you believe we don’t stock the test you’re looking for, get in touch via our bespoke test enquiry web page and we’ll see what we can do to help get you some comprehensive results.

Otherwise, give us a call directly on the number featured towards the top of this webpage to speak with one of our friendly advisors.

Yes. You can rest assured we have taken every step to ensure we are compliant with the latest standards of GDPR.

For more information on this, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Please note that all NIPT Tests will be processed via My Baby Company not My DNA Lab

We have a number of different ways you can get in touch if you have a query:

  • You can call us – using the number provided towards the top of this webpage
  • Fill out our online contact form – found on our contact webpage
  • Can’t find the right test – visit our bespoke test enquiry webpage to submit an enquiry

Please refer to the information on the test you are purchasing for specific turnaround times.

The more comprehensive the test is the longer the turnaround time will be.

As this is a scientific process, in certain cases this process will be longer. The data from the laboratory test is entered into the analysis software and an easy to interpret result report is generated for you to discuss with your healthcare professional.

* Blood samples collected over the weekend will be despatched to the laboratory on the next working day.

We are only able to deliver the results to the client that we have taken the blood sample from and named on the consent form.

No Result: Very occasionally there is insufficient DNA in the sample to obtain a result. In these cases we will need to request another sample thus delaying the results.

If you get a “high risk” result for an NIPT Test you will need to contact your consultant or midwife.

All high-risk results should be confirmed by a follow-up invasive procedure, such as amniocentesis or Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) which your Healthcare Provider will arrange on your behalf.

The test providers that we work with also provide over the phone Genetic Counselling for all the tests (including NIPT) in the event of a high risk result.

Please note that before our test providers can begin to process your selected test, you will need to provide the date that the egg was harvested and the age of the egg donor at that time.

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