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Onconext – Liquid Scan


Onconext Liquid Scan is a non-invasive alternative to a traditional biopsy.

  • 10ml blood sample required from the client
  • Results available within 15 working days of sample arriving in lab


What is the Onconext Liquid Scan test?

ONCONEXT LIQUID Scan is a genetic test for oncological use on patients with a high risk of developing a tumour.

The test detects the presence of somatic mutations (even before the tumour can be detected with traditional techniques) known as tumour “driver mutations”, as an innovative instrument in personalised surveillance plans.

Onconext Liquid Scan measures cell free DNA – more specifically circulating tumour cell free DNA from a blood sample. Plasma obtained from the Blood Sample, instead of tumour tissue obtained via a biopsy, or fine needle aspiration, now allows non-invasive, highly sensitive and specific detection of somatic mutations in various cancers.

Early diagnosis may allow more effective treatments with a consequential rise in the survival rate.

Many types of tumour develop silently and are clinically undetectable until reaching a considerable mass with subsequent diagnostic delay.

Examples of high-risk people for which is useful to include ONCONEXT LIQUID Scan in personalised surveillance programs:

  • Family history of tumour – mutations on genes in the investigated panel
  • Known genetic predisposition (germline mutation) for an inherited tumour
  • Personal history of smoking, or extended exposure to passive smoking
  • Extended exposure to carcinogenic agents such as: pollution, radiations, UV rays etc
  • Prolonged treatments with hormonal therapies (fertility drugs, hormone replacement therapies containing progesterone)
  • Chronic or infectious diseases predisposition to tumour development

Tests available:

  • 15 Genes – click to view genes screened
  • 50 Genes – click to view genes screened

Sample collection options:

You will need to use a ‘private phlebotomy service’ to have your blood drawn (there will be a small charge for this) – a Google search will help you locate your nearest service. Some GP practices offer phlebotomy services however this varies regionally.

This test provider also offer free genetic counselling via a telephone consultation for all test results.

We always recommend that you discuss your results with your Healthcare Professional.

For more information, you can download a copy of the Onconext brochure here.

Additional information

Tests available

15 Genes, 23 Genes, 50 Genes

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