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  • PrenatalSafe


    This test is suitable for the expectant mother who wants to screen for the presence of abnormalities in her unborn child, but wants to avoid an invasive procedure

    Blood sample

    5 - 20 working days

  • GeneSafe


    The first non-invasive prenatal test that screens multiple genes for mutations causing severe genetic disorders in the foetus. 3 Test options available: GeneSafe Inherited -Allows detection of common inherited disorders within the foetus. GeneSafe De Novo -This test screens for 46 severe genetic disorders due to de novo mutations (a gene mutation that is not inherited) in 25 genes. GeneSafe - Complete - Combines Inherited and De Novo

    Blood sample

    15 working days

  • Pre-natal Paternity Test


    A Pre-natal Paternity Test can identify whether a man is a baby's father before the baby is born i.e during the pregnancy.

    Variable sample

    15 working days

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